About Route 1, Acuff Studios


Control Room 425 square feet

Main Cutting room 187 square feet

Drum Room 187 sqaure feet

Isolation Booth 1 50 square feet

Isolation booth 2 50 square feet

Bathroom with shower



Yamaha C7 Disklavier grand piano

7 foot 6 inches in length (mint)

Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Contoller

Mapex 6 piece drum kit with Pearl

Optimount Hardware

Rogers 5 piece drum kit with Pearl

Optimount hardware

Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals

Fender 4 string Precision Bass

Gibson Les Paul clone (good guitar!)

Fender Blues Deluxe Amp

Misc congas and hand percussion


Sony MDR-7506 (8)

6 Custom made distribution boxes

3 totally independent mixes



Audio Technica

AT 4033 (2)

AT 4050 (1)

AT 4051a (2)

AE 3000 (1)


KSM 32 (1)

SM-7 (1)

SM 81 (3)

Beta 52 (1)

Beta 56 (1)

SM 57 (4)

SM 58 (2)


C3000B (1)


MC 012 (2)


RE 20 (1)

Other Gear

Midas Venice 24 channel mixing board

Midas Venice 16 channel mixing board

Mackie HR824 Studio monitors

MOTU 24 I/O digital interface

MOTU 828 mkIII digital interface

Digidesign digi 002 rack digital interface

Drawmer 1960 dual channel

tube preamp/compressor

Avalon 737sp Tube mic pre, eq, and compressor

Universal Audio 4-710d 4 channel tube preamp

Alesis ADAT XT (1)

Otari MX5050

1/2 inch 8 Track analog tape machine

Dennon DN-770R Cassette Player

Misc DI Boxes

Switchcraft TT Bantam Patchbays (3)

Computer and Software

Mac Pro Dual 2.26 Quad-Core

with 16 GB of memory

Avid Pro Tools HD10 and HD11

AIR Creative Collection (Virtual Instruments)

Audio Desk

Toast Titanium

Waves Platinum plug-in bundle

Antares Autotune

MacDSP Revolver reverb

Universal Audio UA2 Accelerator card

Universal Audio Plug Ins:

Teletronix LA2A Legacy Compressor

LA3A Compressor

Pultec-Pro EQ

UA 1176 Legacy Compressor

EP-32 Tape Echo (Echoplex)

API 500 Series EQ Collection

Fairchild 670 Legacy Compressor

Ampex ATR-102 Tape Machine

Lexicon 224

Realverb Pro Reverb

Neve 88 RS

EMT 140 Plate

Manley Massive Passive EQ

Ocean Way Studios Reverb