High Quality Digital Recording


Route 1, Acuff Studios specializes in high quality recording services for all styles of music. My philosophy here is pretty old school, focusing on good playing, good tuning, good instruments, good mic placement, and always trying to value artistic integrity over absolute perfection.


Whether you need a quick demo, a full blown album project, or just something to give to family and friends, I will do everything I can to make you comfortable, have fun, and most of all, sound great!


I have done every kind of project under the sun, and I learn something new on every one I work on, so I look forward to every new artist I work with.


I am known for being especially good at recording acoustic styles of music such as bluegrass, folk, celtic, solo piano, and singer- songwriter types of music, but I also consider myself very accomplished in rock and jazz. You can listen to my customer's iTunes pages for samples.